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The StandDesk was created by millennials, is marketed directly at millennials, and also has actually been gobbled up by millennials in remarkable volumes. While it carries a ten-year guarantee (the lengthiest of any Chinese-made base), in this instance it’s not always a dependable indicator of the expected helpful life of the training columns. For the price, the StandDesk is an excellent lower-cost option to the UpLift, Jarvis as well as various other Chinese-made desks. Despite its security issues this is a much better item than the Autonomous SmartDesk or IKEA Bekant can ever hope to be, and also a good value in general. It’s the mid-priced offering in the broad group of Chinese-made workdesks that is winning over customers from both its more affordable and also costlier peers.

StandDesk Building And Construction, Configuration, and also Gadgets

Building the desk is quite straight forward if you adhere to the detailed guidelines. Every one of the screws, screws, washers, and also springtime washing machines can be found in different bags that are marked with their destination: table top, framework, and also spares. There’s a consisted of hex device for securing all of the screws into the framework, or, appear a hex bit into your power device– just beware not to over-tighten.

Every one of the components have an excellent quality coating to them with rounded edges to prevent cut hands. Below is a shot of all the screws that are secured to the leg setting up– it’s not going anywhere!


The foot setting up also consists of height-adjustable rotation equipments to maintain the front-to-back motion of the desk, which was really valuable for the carpeted office flooring. I’m also making use of a flooring mat to secure the carpet from chair wheel damages at resting height, and press the chair when I’m transitioning to standing elevation.


The deluxe controller deserved the financial investment. The switches are all variable stress programmed, suggesting the up and down arrowheads will certainly adjust the height by 1/10th of an inch with a single press, or continuously adjust the height by about 0.7 inches per 2nd if you hold the switch for two seconds. The memory buttons are similar in layout: press to remember the height setup, or hold the button down for 5 secs to store a new height worth. I’m using button 1 for my sitting position as well as button 4 for my standing placement, which provides me 2 and also 3 for anything I may need in the future.


Using my Standdesk

I’ve been utilizing the new workdesk for a couple of weeks and have actually written down my initial perceptions:

The motors are quiet but can be heard in the following space over. It takes perhaps 25 seconds for the desk to fully transition from sitting to standing based upon my presets.
I utilize an Ergotron side-by-side check arm (especially this LX model), triggering the desk to get a little rough when I move my weight versus the key-board. In hindsight, I must have bought the bar upgrade for my desk after determining the weight of my screens. If you intend to do a dual display setup, get the crossbar.

Because gravity presses the discs in a human spine, I need to elevate the desk greater in the morning and lower it at night.

An anti-fatigue mat is absolutely crucial for long duration standing. I acquired an Octagonal mat from SmartCells, making use of rubber “cells” that are pictured below.


Despite any type of problems I might have had with the handset or the cookie-cutter design, basically all of those issues gotten rid of once I actually came down to utilizing this point.

I really did not assume it was also feasible, the StandDesk somehow takes care of to be even a lot more secure than the Jarvis, both at sitting and standing elevations. The majority of days I like to run my Jarvis at max height while pressed against my wall surface; not necessarily due to the fact that it’s that unsteady, yet just because I want as much stability as I can obtain.

The StandDesk one ups the gambit also further, confirming to be equally as consistent on its own at standing height as the Jarvis is with wall support. This is all without the business’s crossbar addition, which they claim includes a lot more security when bought as a part of the package deal.When it pertains to weight tolerance, the StandDesk shares yet a lot more stats with the Jarvis, being rated for up to 350 lbs of weight capacity.

I’ve been making use of the desk for concerning three weeks now for daily job (as well as complying with standing desk best practices), whether it’s typing out testimonials like this one from our desktop or a laptop once in a while. The desk holds up well versus non-coastered drinks, and also the surface in addition to the desk still feels just as smooth and glossy as the day I opened it despite days of perspiring wrists wresting on it and numerous wipe downs with a dustcloth.

I never intentionally try to damage any kind of workdesks too hard, during some lighter examinations (tossing a collection of secrets onto it from a distance, for example), it still held up without also many noticeable indicators of damage.

Lastly, when I determined the noise outcome of the desk while it rose from a sitting placement to standing and back once more, it was without a doubt the quietest we’ve evaluated yet. I can barely get it to make greater than about 9.5 dB of noise, so if your greatest issue is the whirr of your motor, this is absolutely the one for you.

Customer care

Currently, typically I do not include much about the client service assistance of any type of given firm, only due to the fact that I really feel that as a whole if a product works the way its intended to, I should not ever before have a factor to call them in the first place. As well as while I wish I could state that held true during my experience with StandDesk, I simply can not complete this evaluation without pointing out the countless, seemingly endless issues I encountered attempting to get my desk assembled.

For starters, the desk I was sent really did not have any type of memory mobile phone consisted of initially, which suggested I had no way of actually managing the up/down function on the desk itself. I called StandDesk about this issue, that returned to me around a day later on with an apology as well as a pledge that a brand-new one would be shipped shortly.

Standdesk review handset

The resource of all our troubles …
Regarding four days later on a mobile showed up in the mail. The phone originally switched on, yet it wasn’t long before I saw that none of the programmable buttons functioned, neither did the down switch, but for some factor the “memory” button managed the down function just fine. I got in touch with the firm again, and they apologized for the mixup and said they would have a new panel and control box bent on me within the week.

Over 2 weeks later my brand-new panel as well as control box got here. When I installed them both the desk finally began functioning the means it was expected to, but not after almost a month of waiting and back and forth with a business that couldn’t bear in mind to deliver a core component of their item inside the same box from the start.

Points to Consider

Regardless of its bankable attributes, this stand up workdesk additionally has its very own disadvantages. Given that no particular stand desk might capture all of the attributes that you may need, you might take into consideration these in your decision-making.

Lack of a Crossbar as requirement

Not having a supporting crossbar is absolutely not a deal-breaker, specifically considering some of our various other preferred workdesks such as the Completely Jarvis also don’t have one. In fact, this workdesk does have one if you want, but it is a paid add-on (much more on this later on as well).

The bar is seen by some as an obstacle, making it more challenging to place your legs conveniently below the desk. Others, on the other hand, find that they offer added security, frequently important when desks are fully extended.

We have not review any kind of issues of the security of this desk, so we don’t think its something to actually be concerned concerning, although if you actually wanted a workdesk with a crossbar then we recommend you have a look at the Varidesk ProDesk 60 Electric.

Alternatively, StandDesk does provide a separate add-on bar that you can contribute to the desk on your own, just for an additional $49.95.


The security of a standing workdesk is among the most vital elements of these desks. Without a secure workdesk you’ll find it hard to concentrate, which could bring about you ending up being less curious about making use of the desk at standing height. To get the most effective return on your financial investment, you’ll want to be happy when utilizing the desk.

Because the StandDesk Simple is the first desk that I have tested with an optional cross assistance, I will certainly break down my security examinations right into 2 sections. Both tests will consist of the regular front to back shaking examination and also an entrusted to ideal wobble. The initial will lack the cross support as well as the secondly will be with it. Simply to note, states that the enhancement of the cross support can boost security by as much as 15%. I have no concept exactly how they developed that number.

Without Cross Assistance

Left to Right: The wobble test was a various situation. StandDesk Simple was the second desk that I tested that wobbled near the bottom with weight on the desktop. The first was the IKEA Bekant. By the time it reached 36″ the shaking activity was bad. Beyond this factor it would influence your work.

With Cross Support

Front to Back: Including the cross support does not influence the shaking motion. The StandDesk Simple started to experienced a rocking movement at 36″. By 41″ the rocking activity misbehaved.

Left to Right: Adding the cross support to the StandDesk improved the wobble movement for lower elevations. With the cross assistance the wobble movement really did not start up until you reached 35″. By 39″ the wobble activity came to be poor.

Keep in mind: It’s very essential with adjustable standing workdesks to fully tighten up all hardware. If there is equipment that is not completely tight, the activity experienced when extended to standing elevation will be exaggerated. This is specifically real with a workdesk framework that consists of 32 bolts, there are far a lot of points at which the desk has a possibility to relocate.


Like all the Chinese bases we’ve examined in our laboratories, we have to tighten our referral on the StandDesk Pro to much shorter individuals with narrower desktops, as the stability simply isn’t there for a large mass raised high off the ground. American-made workdesks will certainly be better suited to these applications, and for a rather obvious reason. Virtually all American-made bases are made in US manufacturing facilities that are had by Swedish, Danish or German business that designed this industry, and also their ordinary people are a lot taller than the average Eastern customer, so they started making longer-stroke training legs a long time earlier. And they have far more robot automation, laser-cutting equipment, and also large experience making standing workdesk bases, it goes without saying.

If you’re not too high, do not have an excessive quantity of hefty tools on your desktop, as well as do not need as well vast of a workdesk, the StandDesk Pro will provide you great bang for your buck.

All that might transform with Yu’s assured StandDesk Pro 2.0 layout that he expects to release sometime in the future. Initially we were informed we would certainly see it by June 2018. More than a year later it has yet to materialize, and Yu states he’s had trouble getting the item high quality he needs out of several Chinese factories he’s attempted collaborating with. The new design is allegedly mosting likely to be a lot easier to construct as well as have a heftier crossbar design, to name a few refinements. He says the new base will certainly be used in both a “T-Leg” as well as “C-Leg” setup, alleviating our concern regarding side-load stressing on the training columns.

If this new base ever before concerns market we’ll upgrade you below. But we’re not holding our breath any type of longer as the most recent information on the business is that Yu closed the small Los Angeles office and has moved it to join with all its various other staff members in southeast Asia.

In the meantime, a brand-new $399 standing workdesk with outstanding performance has been present via the new joint venture between US-based iMovR and China-based Eureka, the i1 electric standing desk. While restricted in dimension and color options, it has actually taken the mantle away from StandDesk’s long-ago status as the best standing workdesk under $400.

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